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  hi, ive wondered if its dangerous to insert a q-tip into the penis? I know doctors do it, but they are, afterall, doctors, and they dont exactly do it to give me pleasure.   hello i was wondering if and what anyone has inserted into there penis. I must worn you it felt really good while doing it but then it hurt to pee i mean a reall burning sensation for about three days.   to insert a male catheter, start by washing your hands and the area around your penis with warm water and soap. Put lubricating jelly on the first 10 inches of the catheter and get into a seated position with your legs bent. I posted earlier today about how disheartened and stressed and frustrated i was about this. Earlier i tried to get a q-tip in with a lot of lube and numbing cream and i could only get it halfway. This shocked me, considering i was using near-penis sized dilators for the last 2 years! But instead of.   my penis was very flacid and shrunkin as i yet didnt have an erection. Upon insertion the object slide in very easily and upon reaching the base of the penis it quickly began to turn on it own to follow the path around the curve at the penis base. Before i knew it the sound disappeared into the urethra and i lost grip of it. Im now wrapping 36cm of ptfe tape around a q-tip shaft to create the flesh plug of about 5mm in diameter. If the original opening was 3mm, that means there has been skin growth of 67. I estimate i will need at least 35mm so im 232 or 6 there.   a guy i know experienced this before getting his prince albert--they inserted some anesthetic ointment that way before piercing. Whatever you might lack in skill you more than make up for in weirdness. Protocol dictates that rank precedes gender, so if your intended holds a title higher than.   dont worry, you probably wont have a q-tip stuck up your penis. Com if you heard horror stories about or even experienced a q-tip up the urethra, you might be understandably.

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